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London Road has 6 spacious and fully equipped (plug and play) rehearsal rooms, featuring pro / touring grade backline equipment and high power PA systems as standard (all rooms have drums, bass and 2x guitar amps)

There is also a 7th, dedicated tuition room for guitar & drum lessons. 

Our Rooms can be hired from as little as £8ph!

Open 7 days a week 10am until 11pm

Call to book now: 01462 490466

All rooms are individually acoustically treated and offer a very balanced sound. 

Amenities Include:

Fresh air / heat exchange air conditioning.

Ample parking, inc dedicated load in /out areas.

Free: Wi-Fi, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Kitchenette, with fridge freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle plates and cutlery. 

Onsite music shop for sticks, strings, picks, drum heads

and more.

Our rooms range in size to accommodate anything from soloists to full bands. 

Rooms 1&2 are identical in size and spec

Suitable for 3-6 piece bands

Dimensions: W3.6m x L5.6 x H3m (20m2)

Room 3 is our 2nd smallest room

Suitable for 3-5 piece bands 

Dimensions: W3.3m x L5m x H3m (16.5m2)

Room 4 is one of our larger / premium rooms

Suitable for 4-7 piece bands 

Dimensions: W3.8m x L7m x H3m (26.6m2)

Room 5 is a premium room

Suitable for 3-6 piece bands 

Dimensions: W3.7m x L5.4m x H3m (20.52m2)

Room 6 is our main studio room and is the biggest and highest spec'd room at London Road

Suitable for 4-10 piece bands

Dimensions: W5.5m x L6.4m x H3.2m (35.2m2)

Room 7 is our smallest and cheapest space.

Suitable for small bands 3-4 piece, we also use this room for drum and guitar tuition.

Dimensions: W3.2m x L4.7m x H2.9m (15.04m2)

Detailed room info, pricing & booking details below >>>

Rooms 1 & 2
Room 3
Room 4
Room 5
Studio Room 6
Room 7 / Tuition
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Established 2006

Opening Hours: Via Appointment Only

Mon-Sun / 10am-11pm