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ROOMS 1 & 2

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Rooms 1 & 2 are sister rooms, identical in size and equipment spec.

All of our rooms are 'plug and play' and feature high quality backline equipment as standard.

PA, variable lighting, drums (inc stands, throne, bass pedal + accessories) full bass rig and x2 guitar amps (See equipment list below)

Room Dimensions

W3.6m x L5.6 x H3m  (20m2)

Suits 4-6 piece bands

Room Backline / Equipment

PA System:

Studiomaster 1000 watt RMS Powered Mixer / 12 Channel + Aux Input + FX

2x 500 watt RMS (wall mounted speakers) x1 1000 watt RMS active floor wedge / monitor

3x Shure SM58 microphones with boom stands and leads

Tama 'Swingstar' drum shells / 22x16" bass drum / 10-12" rack toms / 16" floor tom

Tama 'Road Pro' hardware / x3 cymbal stands (combi boom or straight)

x1 hi hat stand / x1 snare stand / x1 'Iron Cobra' bass pedal

Amps & Cabs:

Ashdown 'Mag 300' bass rig / 307 watts RMS head with 4x10 and 1x15 cabinets. 

Hayden 'HGT-A40' / 40 watt all valve - 3 channel guitar head with reverb (inc foot-switch)

1x Marshall 'MX412B' - 4x12 / 240 watt cab

Orange 'Crush Pro CR120' / 120 watt - 2 channel head with reverb (inc foot-switch) 

1x Marshall '1936' - 2x12 / 160watt cab


x2 Music stands

x1 High power 18" floor fan

x1 Chair / seat

1x Aux lead for connecting ipods / laptops / phones to PA


Fresh air / heat exchange air conditioning.

Ample parking, inc dedicated load in /out areas.

Free: Wi-Fi, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Kitchenette, with fridge freezer, microwave, toaster, kettle plates and cutlery. 

Onsite music shop for sticks, strings, picks, drum heads and more.


Mon - Fri / 10am - 5pm

1 hr - £12

2 hrs - £20

3 hrs - £28

4 hrs - £36

*Additional hours there after - £8

Mon - Fri / 5pm - 11pm

1 hr - £14

2 hrs - £26

3 hrs - £38

4 hrs - £48

*Additional hours there after - £10

Sat & Sun / 10am - 11pm

1 hr - £14

2 hrs - £26

3 hrs - £38

4 hrs - £48

*Additional hours there after - £10

Additional Charges:

Snare drum / £2 per session

Cymbals / £3 per session

**Free Of Charge** 

Guitar leads, straps, di boxes, *additional microphones and stands

*2x additional mics per room maximum (makes 5 in total) 

Block Bookings

We are happy to take weekly block bookings of up to 1 month in advance / rolling.

We require 1 weeks advance payment with standard cancellation policy applying.   

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London Road is run by musicians for musicians...

We do appreciate from experience that getting a group of people (of any age) together in a room is harder than it sounds! Life stuff gets in the way and of course people get ill, get stuck at work, quit the band at short notice, etc etc. 

Our rehearsal rooms are in high demand 7 days a week and 90% of the time are pre-booked several days or a week or so in advance. If one of our rehearsal rooms is not available on the specific date or time that a band or artist wants, they will more often than not book at another local studio. We do not have walk in custom like a shop or restaurant does, so we rely on our advance bookings. We can sometimes fill a slot at short notice, but often this is impossible and costs us not only money, but also potentially loses us customers long term to other studios.

With the above being said, we have put together our policy. 

Cancellations with more than 48 hours notice / ££ No charge

Cancellations with under 48 hours but more than 24 hours notice / ££ Half price to what was booked
(e.g. 2 hours, £26 would be £13)

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice / ££ full price of what was booked is owed, but if the session is rescheduled for another session within 7 days / half price to what was booked.

Cancelling a few hours before the session, or not turning up at all / ££ full price of session owed.

Established 2006

Opening Hours: Via Appointment Only

Mon-Sun / 10am-11pm